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Guild Formation

Netpro / Jul 09, 2018
Welcome to <This is Fine> raiding guild on Ragnaros EU.

About us:

<This is Fine> is a newly formed (June 1st, 2018) multinational guild on Ragnaros-EU. The roster is made of experienced players who during Legion raided in few different alliance/horde guilds at ranks between 30-100. Our goal is to establish a very efficient raid roster for Mythic BFA content. Becoming top 100 guild in Uldir is very realistic for us and we aim for around rank 70 in the second raid tier. We always aim to improve. No splits. No mandatory PTR testing.


Monday 20:00-23:45 Only first month of mythic progression
Wednesday 20:00-23:45
Thursday 20:00-23:45
Sunday 20:00-23:45


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