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About us:

<This is Fine> is a newly formed (June 1st, 2018) multinational guild on Ragnaros-EU. No required alts. No splits. No mandatory PTR testing. No extending.


Monday 20:00-23:45
Wednesday 20:00-23:45
Thursday 20:00-23:45
Sunday 20:00-23:45 Only first three weeks of mythic progression

- During farm we will only raid 1-2 days

What do we offer:

● Combination of relaxed drama-free guild atmosphere with progression-focused raid atmosphere
● Experienced, dedicated and fair leadership that prepares tactics and overall progression very thoroughly
● Very effective progression curve in regards to the limited time investement: (No split raiding, no required PTR testing)
● Play alongside experienced players who pull their own weight
● Organized boosting when progression is over

What are we expecting of you:

● You are mechanically skilled player that can learn from mistakes fast and doesn't repeat them - this is very important to us as we focus on having an efficient progression
● You are able to deal with fight-specific mechanics that your class is suited for (kiting, soaking, CCing...)
● You turn up for raids knowing what the plan and strategy is and you prepare for future progress fights
● You are on top of your class-knowledge
● You can make 95% of the raids during progression
● You have a working microphone and can communicate in English

For any questions regarding recruitment you can add:

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