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This is Fine v. Mythic Uu'nat

This is Fine v. Mythic Cabal

This is Fine v. Mythic Jaina

This is Fine v. Mythic G'huun

Guild created. No splits. No PTR. No extending. World Rank 69.

World First 30 Lower Karazhan in time!

Congratulations to our Flip "Kimchigodx" and Seb for their World First M+ 30 dungeon completion in time!
Netpro / Mar 30, 2019

Do you want to get a unique mount, title and 415+ gear, as well as earn valuable Mythic kills? This is Fine will get you all of it. We will trade you all unneeded gear together with all azerite for your class.For more information add us on Bnet, c...

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